Ode to Sun-kissed Locks

AH.  Something natural and sun kissed.  What a nice change up to the standard Instagram feed filled with grey, silver and ashy tones.  If you are here because you've read my latest post about this color then you're probably expecting me to get on with the good stuff.  So here it is:  that secret you've been dying to know is HIGH LIFT TINT!  Yes, high lift. (It'll take direct pigment off your skin too!).  No fancy schmancy "direct dye erasers" or harsh bleach outs needed.  Keep reading for the goods!

FORMULA A: 1 1/2oz 12N Schwartzkopf Igora w/30vol 1:2 ratio

FORMULA B: 1 1/2oz 5-0 1oz 6-0 Schwartzkopf Igora w/20vol 

FORMULA C: 2oz. 7NW 1/2oz 7G 1/4oz 7V

First things first, I gave Tina a light shampoo and rang out excess water from her hair. I applied FORMULA A about two inches from her base throughout her ends.  Processed for about 5-7 minutes watching to make sure all of the pink dye was removed.  I gave her another light shampoo and conditioned with Wella Service. I brought her back to my chair and towel dried thoroughly to where it was 50% dry.  

Step 2.  I applied FORMULA B to her new growth and set her timer for 45 minutes.  With about 25 minutes left on her timer I applied FORMULA C to where her base color ended and emulsified that through to her ends.

She's going to have the cleanest hair in town after her third shampoo. But hey- You gotta do what you gotta do!   I sealed her cuticle with another top coat of Wella Service and she was ready for her cut and style.  I used my 1 1/2' BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium curling iron and finished it off with my newest obsession: IGK's Speechless Dry Oil.  Va Va Voom!!




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